Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2018 Circuit Assembly Notebooks

First, we know we're too early for this. But here it is. While some of us are now happy with all that we learn from the Don't Give Up! 2017 Regional Convention, a lot more brothers and sisters are just preparing to attend theirs. So, we'll leave them there.

But for those who are done, you can now prepare for your 2018 Circuit Assembly (Spanish: Asamblea de circuito 2018; Portuguese: Assembleia de circuito 2018). We have two circuit assemblies in a year. One with our Circuit Overseer and the other one with a Branch Representative present; ca-CO and ca-BR respectively. Do you want to know the theme for each 1-day event?

2018 Circuit Assembly with Circuit Overseer Theme:
Don't Give Up in Doing What is Fine!

2018 Circuit Assembly with Branch Representative Theme:
Don't Give Up in Fulfilling the Law of Christ!

Now, if you love note-taking during assemblies, we have circuit-assembly-themed spiral notebooks for you. Check the images below:

Visit our online shop to see more.

These notebooks (cuaderno and caderno)are available in Español and Português. Buy now!

If you Buy 2, get 15% off!

You can also encourage others to write by giving them these. After the assembly, you can still use your notebook for theocratic meetings.

If you have kids, we also have a collection of Notebooks for Kids. Also, PSS Notebooks for those attending the school this year.


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