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JW Theocratic Software and Apps for Microsoft Windows, Google Android and Apple iOS [Updated]

The goal of this page is simple. It is to compile all those useful Theocratic software and apps that we Jehovah's Witnesses use. We will list them, describe them (if we can), and provide you details on where you can download and install them. At times, we may provide how-tos and tutorials too.

These JW software and apps are there to organize, simplify and automate some of our Theocratic tasks. Most of these apps are not produced, provided nor endorsed by the branch. But, almost all of them are created by our brothers around the world with one goal in mind, again, to organize, simplify and automate our tasks.

Microsoft Windows, Google Android, Linux, Apple MacOS and Apple iOS are some of the most popular operating systems (OS) that are used today. There are JW apps that works on only one OS, but there are some of which you can install on two or more platforms.

Download JW Theocratic Software and Apps

Produced by Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania.
1. Watchtower Library (Microsoft Windows)
2. JW Library (Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Google Android) [Link]
3. JW Language (Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Google Android) [Link]
4. JW Library Sign Language (Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Google Android) [Link]
5. JW Broadcasting (Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku) [Link]
6. JW Event (Apple iOS, Google Android) [Link unavailable]

OTHER SOFTWARE & APPS (Click to view items.)

Produced by various brothers, but not endorsed nor affiliated with the branch or its representatives.

KHS (Kingdom Hall Schedules) (Windows) [Link]
A program for elders and ministerial servants who creates and maintains many of the schedules needed by a congregation. The use a of single program interface allows several brothers in the same congregation to exchange data with each other and provides the CBOE with an overview of the schedules to be posted.

TheocBase (Windows, macOS X, Linux, Android, iOS) [Link]
Midweek and weekend meeting scheduling software with mobile device app companion for different platforms. It also prints assignment slips for students and assistants. It can also be used for arranging congregation territories.

Ministry Assistant (Android) [Link]
A help for Jehovah's Witnesses in their field service to quickly take notes and stay organized. It's very easy to keep track of your territories, all your return visits, your service time for the month and plan your day or week of door to door ministry.

Hourglass (iOS, Android, Web-based) [Link]
Software for congregation secretaries. Information from Publisher Record Cards is stored electronically for easy access and updating. Publishers can electronically submit reports from their mobile phones. Compile the monthly report for the Branch instantly. See detailed service reports and Regular Pioneer progress at any time.

SoundBox (Windows) [Link]
Designed for use at Kingdom Halls where a PC is used to record meetings and play videos and songs. However, support will end after December 2018 as JW Library app is now used for yeartext and artwork showing as well as video and song playing. They are now working on two open-source applications, OnlyT and OnlyR. Check the next item below:

OnlyT and OnlyR (Windows)
OnlyT, a program for timing congregation meetings. [Link]
OnlyR, a program for recording congregation meetings. [Link]

BOARD (Compatible with most modern OS) [Link]
An online software developed exclusively for Kingdom Halls. It aims to replace a regular information board with an interactive platform. Each brother can upload the scheduled, letters and other announcements at home, and everything will be synchronized and available at a TV on the Kingdom Hall. Currently under development.

Multi-Terr (Windows) [Link]
An application developed to help the congregation manage its territory. Multi-Terr has made great efforts to facilitate the transfer of doors between congregations. In Multi-Terr version 4, special attention has been given to language groups, adding tools that will help to manage the constantly moving and growing territories. The integration of Google Maps technology allows to define territory boundaries and to share them on-line.

Meeting Schedule Assistant 2018 (Windows) [Link]
Meeting Schedule Assistant is designed to help you create a simple report for the various assignments at the Kingdom Hall. You can specify which brothers to use for Sound Console, Platform & Stage, Platform Microphone, Microphone Handlers and Attendants.

Equipd Bible App (iOS) [Link]
Yes, a Bible app, equipped with different features. That's it.

Do you know any useful JW software and apps we can add on this list? Tell us using the comment box below. Thanks.


  1. Dear brothers,

    I have been using the software KHS (Kingdom Hall Schedules) for a while now. It's a all in one software that handle schedules for the mid week meeting, public talks, public witnessing and many other.

    Hope you will enjoy it too.


  2. what works on all platforms - at the same time?

  3. Good day from this side of the world. Always remember that we really appreciate ad will always appreciate your great assistance to provide us the music and lyrics + updates even via mail. We love you team rmovideo


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