Monday, June 26, 2017

JW Broadcasting - July 2017 (Updates, Music Video, Lyrics and Downloads)

Update July 3, 2017: JW Broadcasting for July 2017 is here! We Marvel at Your Work is the newest music video. Check the updated links below:

Wow, another month has passed and we are now looking forward for the July 2017 broadcast of JW Broadcasting. We really enjoyed last month's broadcast, as well as the music video. It helped us to return to Jehovah after being stumbled. Truly, that was an encouraging one.

Have you attended your regional convention? If I were not mistaken, we're on our 7th week, as of writing. If you have attended the convention, then you have checked already all the new releases.

So another month has passed. A lot of things also happened - good and bad. First, we are very happy for the JW family in Russia who were personally awarded by Vladimir Putin. They are good examples as parents. It is also glad to hear that the two JW students in Malawi (who got barred from attending classes because of their refusal to sing the national anthem during a school assembly) were reinstated after the boys’ parents and representatives from the Bethel appealed to school officials. We also hope that the situation will get better for JWs in South Korea as the Supreme Court now acknowledged the human rights concerns of Conscientious Objectors.

However, there are sad news. Our brothers in Russia are experiencing some negative impacts of the Supreme Court ruling against them. It includes arson attack on Kingdom Halls and private homes, police raids, persecution on witness schoolchildren, denial of alternative civilian service, discrimination and pre-trial detentions.

Let us continue praying for our brothers and sisters from all around the world. May we all continue to be firm in faith and be courageous in facing these challenges. We hope that they will be able to attend this year's Regional Convention and be encouraged to not give up, ever.

Back to the July 2017 broadcast of JW Broadcasting, what do you think will be the theme? We have a preview here of the July 2017 music video (original song):

JW Broadcasting - July 2017 music video

For the music title and lyrics, we'll have to wait. Don't worry, this page will be updated as soon as the JW Broadcasting - July 2017 became available.

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