Friday, September 8, 2017

Download JW Broadcasting Original Songs Guitar Chords (Music Lead Sheet)

The original songs from monthly JW Broadcasting programs is a big proof that we, Jehovah's people loves music. That's why, on this website, we have a page for downloading those original songs in MP3 format, we also have Become Jehovah's Friend songs in MP3. But it doesn't end in just listening because we also love playing and making music.

Below is a list of all the original songs from JW Broadcasting (and they're still counting). You can download the (guitar chords) lead sheet for each song. They are available in PDF or JPEG (image) format, whichever you like or suits you. Note that these are official download pages from the JW.ORG website. You cannot click a link if the lead sheet on JW.ORG is not yet available. Enjoy!
We will keep updating this page as new guitar chords, music and lead sheets became available.

Sources: JW.ORG / JW Broadcasting / Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania

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  1. oh! what a lovely praise to Jehovah
    may Jehovah continue to bless his organization and our whole association of brotherhood including all those who are preparing and putting much efforts for these beautiful sweet songs to be voice out


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