Sunday, April 12, 2015

Official Translations for JW Broadcasting Starts at May 2015

Starting on JW Broadcasting May 2015, broadcast will include official translations to different languages. In a talk at a Branch Visit that was held in Finland recently, it was announced that JW Broadcasting will be translated into different languages including Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian. However, the list of languages doesn’t end there because aside from those specific languages, 30 more were not specified.

As of today, some brothers from different parts of the earth downloads the broadcast, adds their own translation (as a subtitle) and posts them to video sharing sites like YouTube so non-English viewers can understand it. And today, we are happy to know that there will be an official translation!

On the other hand, the Branch Visit in Finland were attended by over 22,000 people connected through live video stream or as a recorded program later.

What do you think those 30 other languages are? Let’s just hope our native language’s on the list.


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