Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sing to Jehovah New Songs List

Update 06/11/2016: We really love singing! Recently, three new songs were released and will be added to our Sing to Jehovah songbook. We thought that it will be completed at 150 songs but it seems several songs are still waiting to be added. Stay tuned and keep the pace brothers!

Update 02/06/2016: All the songs were announced! You can now download the orchestra mp3 at website. On the other hand, music video with vocals can be watched or downloaded at (JW Broadcasting) website. Enjoy brothers!

By the way, you can download these new songs with vocals in mp3 format. Visit the following link:
Download Sing to Jehovah - New Songs (with Vocals) in MP3 Format

Our songbook has been revised many times during the past decades. The last revision was on 2009 when we replaced our “Sing Praises to Jehovah” (1984 songbook with 225 songs) with “Sing to Jehovah” songbook. Originally, the latest has 135 songs (42 of which are new), but on October 2014, we are happy to receive the announcement that a revised songbook will be released soon. They released the first three songs afterwards. It is believed that 15 new songs will be added. Here is the list of the new songs:

Song 136 - The Kingdom is in Place - Let it Come!
Song 137 - Grant Us Boldness
Song 138 - Jehovah is Your Name
Song 139 - Teach Them to Stand Firm
Song 140 - The Life of a Pioneer
Song 141 - Searching for Friends of Peace
Song 142 - Preaching to All Sorts of People
Song 143 - Light in a Darkened World
Song 144 - It Means Their Life
Song 145 - Preparing to Preach
Song 146 - You Did It For Me
Song 147 - A Special Possession
Song 148 - You Gave Your Only-Begotten Son
Song 149 - Grateful for the Ransom
Song 150 - Reaching Out
Song 151 - The Revealing of God's Sons
Song 152 - Our Strength, Our Hope, Our Confidence
Song 153 - How Does It Make You Feel?
Song 154 - We Will Keep Enduring

Some songs are not yet released but we are going to update this page as soon as they are announced. After this, the "Sing to Jehovah" songbook will be composed of 154 songs. Stay tuned!

Sources: / JW Broadcasting / Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania


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