Monday, September 2, 2019

Illustration: The Battleship Captain

An illustration about humility.

There was a ship traveling at night when they saw the oncoming lights from an apparent another ship - on a collision course. The pilot had the deck crew flash the oncoming ship that they needed to yield to port. The other ship did not respond. He told the Executive Officer and he got on the radio and announced to the other ship, "We are a heavy cruiser and I recommend you yield to port." Still no response. He woke the Captain.

The Captain came to the bridge and took the radio mic and announced to the other ship, "This is the Captain of a US Battle Ship, one of the most powerful ships in the ocean, I recommend you yield to port before it is too late!"

There came a tentative reply, "Uh... This is Steven, in the lighthouse that you are heading straight for... I recommend you yield to Starboard."


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