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JW Broadcasting - July 2019 Updates

UPDATE 07/01/2019: The broadcast for July 2019 is now available! It was hosted by brother Kenneth Cook, Jr. (a Governing Body member). We also got to see how our brothers doing in Tasmania, Australia as they are shown on the postcard video. There is also a new sone entitled "Be Courageous and Strong". We already posted the lyrics to that song:

Good day, brothers and sisters! Welcome to another JW Broadcasting update. This time it is for the July 2019 edition of JW Broadcasting. As you can remember, last month was a dedicated month for the 146th Gilead Graduation program. The program was divided into 3 videos namelY THE GILEAD GRADUATION, THE INSIDE STORY and CONCLUDING TALKS AND ASSIGNMENTS. You can watch all of those videos on the JW Broadcasting website.

JW Broadcasting - July 2019 Updates

Now before we talk about the updates, let's see the thing that we might have missed. I noticed that more and more natural calamities are affecting our brothers and sisters from all around the world. Let's see some.

  • First, we have a report of a landslide in Bolivia on which two of our brothers’ homes were completely destroyed in the landslide. We are thankful to Jehovah that none of our brothers died or were injured in the event.
  • Next is in South Africa. It is recently reported that continuous rain, floods, and mudslides are devastating the region. Due to these events, at least 70 people have already died. Although none of our brothers were injured or killed, homes of at least 19 families and at least three Kingdom Halls were damaged.
  • Paraguay was also affected by floodwaters. Six people have already died due to extreme flooding. This disaster has affected 137 of our brothers in several cities. On one occasion, floodwaters broke through the wall of a Kingdom Hall that was being used to hold a class of the School for Kingdom Evangelizers.
  • Also in the United States, heavy rains and some 500 tornadoes battered different areas. Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas were affected by the severe weather. Six of our brothers sustained injuries, four of whom were hospitalized. Six homes were destroyed and 98 homes and 12 Kingdom Halls were damaged, displacing 84 of our brothers.
    • We are always praying for our brothers who were affected by these natural calamities.
  • Another sad news from Virginia Beach, United States: A gunman opened-fire on a municipal building killing 12 and injuring 4. Sadly, a 39-year-old sister and a regular pioneer in Norfolk, Virginia was among those killed. She also served as a Local/Design Construction volunteer.
  • We also got an update regarding our brothers in Venezuela. As we all know, the country is being affected by hyper-inflation which resulted in social and economic crisis. Our brothers are not exempted from these depressing events. But despite these difficult conditions, we are very happy to see that our brothers in Venezuela continue to share zealously in the ministry.
  • On the other hand, the International Conventions in Monterrey, Mexico and Guayaquil, Ecuador went successful. The said conventions had a peak attendance of 39,099 and 53,055, respectively.

Now for the JW Broadcasting July 2019 update, what do you think will be featured? Who will be the host of the program? Any guess? What country will be featured on the postcard at the end of the broadcast? Do we get a new music video (original song)? What will it be about?

We have so many questions at this point. All of these will be answered when the broadcast became available very very soon. The lyrics for the song will be posted here as soon as possible. For now, below are some thumbnails from the program.

JW Broadcasting - July 2019 Host

(If you can't see the images above, please be patient because they will show up on its proper time. Bookmark this page and check back later.)

Sources: JW.org / JW Broadcasting / Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania


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