Friday, March 17, 2017

JW Notebooks for Kids (Convention, Assembly or Meetings)

We all want our children to behave during meetings at the Kingdom Halls. The same rule applies during circuit assemblies or regional conventions. Some parents let them play their favorite games on tablets or smartphones, but this is not the recommended one.

One of the best way to keep them focused on the program is to let them take notes (or write). Some parents asked their children to write every Bible verse that they will hear from the speakers. Other children writes the Bible characters they are familiar with. The point is, instead of letting them play or watch videos, why not let them write something related to the program.

Now, if you're looking for kid-friendly notebooks your kids can use during meetings, assemblies or conventions, our simple online store are offering some. Below are some of the designs:

(Caleb and Sophia: Become Jehovah's Friend Video Series)

If you're interested, you can BUY HERE. More designs will be coming out soon.


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