Friday, November 18, 2016

JW Convention Souvenirs and Gifts Ideas for Delegates

Update 09/10/2018: If you're looking for souvenirs and gifts for 2019 JW International Conventions, you can visit this REDBUBBLE STORE. You can choose from a large variety of items such as notebooks, stickers, mugs, t-shirts, bags, pouches, and even clocks.

Whenever we are attending assemblies and conventions, we are always preparing for a lot of things. We even had our "Convention Reminders" video to remind us of how we conduct ourselves before, during and after each event. And admit it or not, things gets more special when attending special conventions or international conventions. Yes, aside from theocratic materials, some of our brothers and sisters (who will attend as delegates) are also preparing convention souvenirs and gifts. We really love giving, it makes us happy.

JW Convention Souvenirs and Gifts Ideas

Here are some ideas for your next convention souvenirs and gifts:

Button pins is one of the most popular items for giveaway. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Some pins are even made from metal materials which last longer.

Bookmarks is also very popular during conventions because of the ease of making them. A computer and a printer will do the job. And if you have the equipment, you can also laminate them to increase their durability.

Notebooks can be used for a lot of things. You can use it during and after the conventions. Some delegates write greetings or inspirational messages on the first page before giving them away. Shop spiral notebooks now.

Fridge Magnets / Ref Magnets
These are decorations that you... of course, stick on the door of your refrigerator. You can order them online. Just send your preferred design and the quantity. But of course, you can make your own at home. Buy some magnetic sheets and stick your printed design on top! Designs can be cover of our literature, Caleb & Sophia or the event's name and date.

Mugs are more delicate to store because they can break unless they're made with plastic. You can also order them online if you want a customized one. It's very rare that you have a heat press at home, so you can't DIY this.

Neckties are very easy to acquire. You can shop them on stores near your place. But if you want a customized one, you can order them online.

Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories? Yes! Hair sticks, headbands, ponytail holders, wire combs, hair clamps and many more. Sisters love them!

Other DIY Items
  • Pens, fans, key chains and notebooks with the label/design of your choice. It can be a Bible verse, art or just the name and date of the event.
  • Origami or paper folded into shapes like heart, animals or short sleeve shirt with necktie. It depends on your imagination.
  • Jewelries can also be given away. You can look for those not-so-expensive ones then bulk order them.
  • Miniatures of our Bible and literature is a good idea too. Some brothers have created a mini public witnessing cart!

How about you? Do you have other convention souvenirs and gifts ideas? If yes, share them using the comment box below.


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