Sunday, February 28, 2016

JW Broadcasting - March 2016

Update (03/07/2016): The March 2016 broadcast is here! Brother Geoffrey Jackson hosted the program. He released a new song entitled "Imagine the Time". Check the links below for details:

1. Imagine the Time Lyrics
2. Imagine the Time Music Video

Hello brothers and sisters from all over the earth! Are you excited to see the March 2016 program of JW Broadcasting? Just like us, we know you surely are! But we need to wait until next week to actually see it. So for the meantime, let's wait. (Micah 7:7)

JW Broadcasting - March 2016

Looking back to the last broadcast, we received a very lovely song that touches our youth's hearts (especially those who are contemplating marriage). For this month, what do you think will be the theme of the song? How about the theme of the talk? We are also excited about the experiences of our brothers and sisters worldwide. But one thing is for sure - a member of the governing body will host the program.

Don't worry, we will modify this page and this blog as soon as new updates arrives! Stay tuned!


  1. Yay!! Yes... Im excited about broadcasting for March 2016, we are march 5 and still I dont see anything in the website, hopefully soon the brothers will make the broadcasting avaliable for us!!

  2. first monday of the month is approaching.. :') means new jw broadcasting episode :')


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