Wednesday, December 23, 2015

147 - A Special Possession & 149 - Grateful for the Ransom, Sing to Jehovah New Songs?

While checking other JW updates sites, I notice that someone posted that on our Memorial of Christ's Death 2016, two (Sing to Jehovah) new songs will be sung. Those are Song 147 - A Special Possession and Song 149 - Grateful for the Ransom.

As of writing, those two songs are not yet on site. And if this is true, we are going to see these new songs on early 2016. They will made it available as early as possible so everyone can have time to be familiar with it. With regard to this new songs, someone maybe just got the Memorial talk outline where the song numbers and titles are written. We don't know.

For the meantime, listen to these music videos of songs 8 and 109:

Korean sisters playing Song 8: The Lord’s Evening Meal from the Sing to Jehovah songbook

Orchestra version of Song 109: Hail Jehovah's Firstborn! from the Sing to Jehovah songbook

Updated (01/03/2016): We have verified these songs! They are real. You can read the lyrics thru the links below:

Song 147: A Special Possession Lyrics
Song 149: Grateful for the Ransom Lyrics

Now, all we need to do is to wait for the music.

Updated (02/06/2016): Everything is available now! Song 146 to 150 can now be downloaded at in MP3 format.


  1. It's right, there are two new songs, 147 and 149. If you download meeting workbook of february and march, you will notice that last song of the last two weeks of February and the first two weeks of March, are just 147 and 149.(In italian are so, in english only february). By brothers!!!!

    1. Now in English March edition of the guide too

  2. Hello did manage to get the chords with the lyrics? Would love to start earlier, for me, four weeks is not enough time to learn the songs

    1. I don't think so, I suspect the lyrics just some from the epub files of the midweek meeting workbooks. Those won't have the chords in.


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