Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting Format - Jehovah's Witnesses

Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting
  • That is the new name of our midweek meeting and has different program format.
  • It will replace the current CBS (Congregation Bible Study), Theocratic Ministry School, and Service Meeting.
  • The entire meeting will be 1 hour and 45 minutes (including the songs and prayer).
  • There's a video to help us become familiar with these new midweek meeting format. (Watch it now at JW Broadcasting.)
  • This meeting will start on January 2016.
  • Will begin with an opening song and prayer, then comments from the Life and Ministry Meeting chairman.
  • He will introduce the first section of the meeting which is called "Treasures From God’s Word".
  • 10 minutes: Talk. Based on the weekly Bible reading and artwork from the workbook (Our Christian Life and Ministry—Meeting Workbook).
  • 8 minutes: "Digging for Spiritual Gems". Question and answer. Based on weekly Bible reading. Questions are found at the workbook.
  • The next section is Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry which is only 15 minutes.
  • Includes student presentations assigned to brothers or sisters, but on the first week of every month video presentations will replace student presentations.
  • The final section is "Living as Christians."
  • Begins with a song.
  • First 15 minutes: One or two parts that will help us apply God's Word.
  • 30 minutes: Congregation Bible Study.
  • Then the chairman will review the whole meeting, preview material for next week and say some announcement if any.
  • Then closing song and prayer.

Our Christian Life and Ministry — Meeting Workbook
  • This will replace "Our Kingdom Ministry".
  • This will be an eight-page monthly publication with four colors.
  • Outlines the weekly meeting schedule and features artwork designed to make your personal reading of the Bible more meaningful.
  • A workbook that prompts you to make personal notes.

Click here to see the January 2016 Meeting Workbook at JW.org.

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  1. brother i need put a schedule in congregation notice board..
    is there any format available

  2. I love this!!! Thank you for your work!


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