Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Convert Become Jehovah's Friend Original Songs in MP3 Format

JW Broadcasting Original songs in MP3 format can be downloaded on this link. On the other hand, if you want the MP3 format of the children's songs (from the Become Jehovah's Friend series), here's how you can have it.

As of writing (July 14, 2018), below are the song titles available for download at website:
Become Jehovah's Friend - Sing With Us [Watch or download at]
  • Sing With Us–089 Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed
  • Sing With Us–028 Gaining Jehovah's Friendship
  • Sing With Us–046 We Thank You, Jehovah
  • Sing With Us–067 "Preach the Word"
  • Sing With Us–134 Children Are a Trust From God
  • Sing With Us–135 Jehovah's Warm Appeal: "Be Wise, My Son"
  • Sing With Us–141 The Miracle of Life
  • Sing With Us–140 Life Without End—At Last!
  • Sing With Us–149 A Victory Song
  • Sing With Us–093 Bless Our Meeting Together
  • Sing With Us–101 Working Together in Unity
  • Sing With Us–144 Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!
  • Sing With Us–080 "Taste and See That Jehovah Is Good"
  • Sing With Us–041 Please Hear My Prayer
  • Sing With Us–081 The Life of a Pioneer
  • Sing With Us–073 Grant Us Boldness
  • Sing With Us–002 Jehovah Is Your Name
  • Sing With Us–057 Preaching to All Sorts of People
  • Sing With Us–084 Reaching Out
  • Sing With Us–038 He Will Make You Strong
  • Sing With Us–056 Make the Truth Your Own
  • Sing With Us–054 "This Is the Way"
  • Sing With Us–111 Our Reasons for Joy
  • Sing With Us–083 “From House to House”
  • Sing With Us–133 Worship Jehovah During Youth
Become Jehovah's Friend - Original Songs [Watch or download at]
  • pkon001—Love All Sorts of People [Lyrics]
  • pkon002—Respect Older Ones [Lyrics]
  • pkon003—Memorize Bible Books—Part 1 [Lyrics]
  • pkon004—Memorize Bible Books—Part 2 [Lyrics]
  • pkon005—Be Appreciative [Lyrics]
  • pkon006—Memorize Bible Books—Part 3 [Lyrics]
  • pkon007—Time Line of Jesus’ Life [Lyrics]
  • pkon008—Journey With Jehovah’s Friends [Lyrics]
  • pkon009—Pray for Others [Lyrics]
  • pkon010—The Next Big Things for Me [Lyrics]
Become Jehovah's Friend - Lessons [Watch or download at]
  • pk003—Pray Anytime [Lyrics]
  • pk007—Giving Makes You Happy [Lyrics]
  • pk012—Caleb and Sophia Visit Bethel [Lyrics]
So basically, these are in video format when download them. doesn't provide MP3 of these songs yet. (But of course, we are hoping in the future.)
  1. But for now, what you can do is to download all the video titles at website. When it comes to resolution, it doesn't have to be in HD (or high definition), 360p is enough. After all, we need just the audio tracks of those videos.
  2. Download and install any video to MP3 converter program for your computer. There are free ones such as Freemake.
  3. Load all the video files in the converter and convert it to MP3.
That's it! You now have a collection of Become Jehovah's Friend Original Songs in MP3 format.


  1. Thank you. Do you have the bible books song?

  2. Hello Brother,
    Do you have Become Jehovah's Friend Reaching out song 84?

  3. Hi! Will you be adding the mp3 version of Time Line of Jesus' Life?

    1. Search for it using the search function. or type this on your browser:


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