Friday, August 31, 2018

JW Broadcasting - September 2018 Updates

Welcome brothers and sisters on our JW Broadcasting - September 2018 updates. For sure all of us are very excited on the new program. Few days more and it will be available for all of us.

JW Broadcasting - September 2018

But before that, we would like to remind you that next month will be a new service year (2018-2019). This is also the season when our Circuit Assemblies with Circuit Overseer or Branch Representative are scheduled. Lastly, some of you and your friends might be going to the Pioneer Service School too in the coming weeks. You might want to give them gifts on their graduation.

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Another thing is the upcoming 2019 JW International Convention. It makes us more excited especially if our country is one of those who will host one. We will surely be very busy this service year. To check if your country is invited or will be hosting an International Convention, we have an article discussing about it.

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Now back to our topic. What do expect this September 2018 on JW Broadcasting program? Who do you think will be the host? What do you think the song will be about? Is it about courage or something about looking for answers? Check the images below:

JW Broadcasting - September 2018 Host

(If you can't see the images above, please be patient because they will show up on its proper time. Check back within a few hours.)

Sources: / JW Broadcasting / Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania

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