Sunday, June 19, 2016

Entourage, Marching, Processional Songs (Music) for JW Weddings

Wedding day is one of the happiest time for Christians couples. It is also one of the busiest because it requires a lot of thinking, planning and preparations. That's why it is always recommended to delegate some tasks to lighten the work of everyone.

JW Weddings

Beforehand, the Kingdom Hall should be prepared. The groom and bride will select a Director of Ceremony who will organize the event inside the Kingdom Hall. On some occasions, the Director of Ceremony may practice the wedding entourage marching, of course before the actual wedding. That's why, on some occasions he will be providing a background music for the wedding march. Others call it the walking-down-the-aisle music.

It is recommended that the background music comes from our (Sing to Jehovah) songbook. Or, anything that the organization provided. It is to make sure that it will be clean and wholesome. Some couples decided to use 2 different songs - one for the entourage and another one for the bride. What processional song or songs did you use on your wedding?


  1. We used song 87 for walking down (orchestral arrangement from our conventions). And for singing we used song #36 and song #2.

  2. My Suggestion - In JW Lirary
    Marching (Without Bride) - Kingdom Melodies #184,55
    Bride Entrance - Sing Out Joyfully - Vocals #132
    Songs Before Wedding #131 then after Ceremony #132
    Picture taking Sing Out Joyfully - Instruments #126
    Other activities select from Vocals or Kingdom Melodies


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