Monday, January 4, 2016

JW Broadcasting January 2016 Summary

This January 2016 at JW Broadcasting, Stephen Lett of the governing body hosted the whole program. He talked about the theme "Sincere Commendation is Always Appropriate”. It emphasized that good word can cheer someone up. It also encouraged us to imitate Jehovah and Jesus.

The broadcast also showed the current progress of building different facilities. It also featured the Regional Convention held at Stockholm. People observing how the JW behave were really amazed because everything is organized and fine despite of the attendance of 50,000 brothers and sisters.

It also featured where our contributions and donations goes - building of Kingdom Halls and Remote Translation Offices around the world. Also shown was the translation process of our monthly broadcast into different languages if possible. Then, a video of our Japanese sisters who are volunteers while singing a song with a theme of “happiness in serving”.

An experience of a brother who was paralyzed after falling from a tree, then life changed from bad to good was featured.

And the final part of the broadcast: a new music video with the song entitled "I Give You My Best" is played, showing parents who trained their children to serve Jehovah. After years passed they offered themselves willingly to help those with greater need even it is hard to let go. Just like Samuel’s experience, they are happy for their children because they know they are in the right track.

This is the summary of the January 2016 program of JW Broadcasting.

Sources: / JW Broadcasting / Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania


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