Tuesday, April 28, 2020

JW Broadcasting - May 2020 Updates

Once again, welcome to another JW Broadcasting update from RMO Video. This time, it is for the May 2020 program of JW Broadcasting. We hope that everyone is doing fine. We are always praying to Jehovah to help everyone to overcome the hardships and trials that we are experiencing during the coronavirus outbreak. We are saddened to hear some news that some of our brothers contacted the disease, while others died because of it.

JW Broadcasting - May 2020 Updates

After the success of the Memorial Celebration around the world, most of us now are having our Circuit Assemblies. And to adhere to the law of social distancing and avoiding large gatherings, many of us will attend to it using videoconferencing (using ZOOM). We are hoping for the success of everyone's event!

Now, let's see what are the things that we might have missed from our JW.ORG website:
  • First, we had a historic commemoration of Christ's death this year. Because of the global pandemic, most of us are tied-in to the program via videoconferencing. And it bears great results! We have a series of articles at JW.ORG showing how our brothers and sisters commemorate this special event amid the pandemic.
  • For example, at the United States Bethel facilities, brother Anthony Morris delivered the talk for the Bethel family. On the other hand, members of the Bethel family watched the broadcast in their own rooms.
  • In the Philippines, it is reported that over 31,000 non-Witnesses linked in to one congregation's Memorial commemoration. It happened when a regular pioneer in Davao City invited her doctor, who in turn invited other colleagues and so on. It is also believed that some high government officials of the country linked in to the meeting!
  • In Africa, the Memorial program was broadcasted on local television and radio channels. It allowed our brothers and everyone interested to benefit from the event without leaving their homes.
  • In Canada, there is also an article showing us how the brothers from the northern part of the earth commemorate the Memorial. It is on Apex, Iqaluit, Canada.
  • Another one, due to the community quarantine being implemented on most parts of the world, people are staying at home looking for spiritual comfort and news. As a result, the volume of visitors reaching our official website—JW.ORG, reached a new peak!
  • We also learned about how our infirmed brothers and sisters from South Korea and Japan attended the Memorial program despite challenges.
  • Lastly, in the United States, it is also reported that the Memorial talk was broadcasted on two Florida Detention centers. More than 1,100 inmates benefited from the talk.
Now those are some interesting things that happened on our 2020 Memorial commemoration. Now let's go back to the topic—the JW Broadcasting May 2020 update! All of us are wondering what the topic will be, what experiences and dramatization will be presented and what the original song will be about? Let's wait for the JW Broadcasting program to be available in a few days. Below are some images related to the broadcast:

JW Broadcasting - May 2020 Host

(If you can't see the images above, please be patient because they will show up on its proper time. Bookmark this page and check back later.)

Sources: JW.org / JW Broadcasting / Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania


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