Saturday, April 23, 2016

JW Broadcasting - May 2016

UPDATED 05/02/2016: We added new articles regarding the May 2016 broadcast.


Happy convention (to all having theirs on May 2016)! But for us scheduled on a later date, well, let's just be excited about the upcoming May 2016 program from JW Broadcasting!

JW Broadcasting - May 2016

During the last month, we are really touched by the experience of our deaf brother Jose Luis Ayala. His experiences encourages us all to be more firm in faith even under hardships. The past broadcast also gave us some introduction about the Sign Language field. Remember, let's always keep the pace! Hehe.

For May 2016, what do you think the theme of the talk will be? For sure, a member of the governing body will host the program. We are also excited if they're going to release a new music video for all of us. Stay tuned, we are going to update this page!


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