Monday, March 28, 2016

JW Broadcasting - April 2016

Update 04/04/2016: It's here! The broadcast for April 2016 is now available. Below are some updates:
1. Keep the Pace Lyrics - JW Broadcasting April 2016
2. Keep the Pace Music Video - JW Broadcasting April 2016

Download the whole English program using these links: 360p | 480p | 720p

Update 04/01/2016: We found some still images of the April 2016 broadcast being hosted by brother William Malenfant.


Once again, a big hello to everyone! We hope that you had a good time during your celebration of the Memorial of Jesus' Death last March 23. Last broadcast also includes the process of preparing the unleavened bread emblem. Most of us are very happy to see that a lot of interested ones attended our event. Social networks are also flooded by photos and videos of everyone's Memorial participation. Haha.

Also, it seems that most of us are still enjoying the song from the last broadcast. No wonder, it is a beautiful song.

JW Broadcasting - April 2016

Now for sure, most of you are excited to see the JW Broadcasting for April 2016. The April 2016 broadcast will be available next week, maybe April 4 or 5. It will be hosted by a helper to the governing body. What do think will be the theme of the talk? Will there be a new music video? Let's see when the broadcast became available.


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