Friday, December 11, 2015

JW Broadcasting December 2015 Summary

This month, Mark Noumair served as the host for the whole broadcast. As announced last month’s broadcast, governing body helpers will be assigned to do the hosting alternately with the members of the governing body.

Mark Noumair introduced some details and showed a video regarding the improvements happening at the Democratic Republic of Congo. It highlighted the efforts made to establish a building that will be used as a school for the School of Kingdom Evangelizer students. There are interviews of the Branch Committee, SKE Instructor and Students and other JW about the blessings of the school. Gerrit Losch of the governing body dedicated the complex and provided some encouraging talks for the 1st and 2nd SKE classes.

After that, Mark Noumair started to talk about how we can show our appreciation for the spiritual food we are receiving. He shared five ways to help us get the most of our study. One, accept God’s word; two, treasure up Jehovah’s sayings; three, making our ear attentive; four, incline our heart towards discernment and; five, keep seeking by digging deeper for more details.

Sometimes, we need to answer several deep questions we face on different situations. The video that followed showed how we can make use of our excellent research tools. It showed the Watchtower Library for PC, Watchtower Online Library and the JW Library app for smartphones.

It was followed by a video of brother David Splane taken from the Bethel morning worship. He shared some lesson that we can learn and apply from the study of the lives of Isaac and his wife Rebekah.

The next part is the experience of a brother from Ghana which showed how he took stand against superstitions and different false beliefs connected to his former religion; and pursued his life towards the truth.

The next video is about why do some brothers capable of reaching out hold back from it. It features a brother who wants to improve himself spiritually but is very much inclined in having a good shape physically. His friend who is spiritually mature and was recently appointed as an MS inspired this brother to examine himself. And other brothers from the congregation helped him on that matter.

The last experience was from sister Hernandez of Panama. She is a very zealous sister who is handicapped. She can’t use her feet and hand normally. She uses her tongue to open the scriptures and her mouth to type on the computer. She is active in letter/phone witnessing and sometimes apply as an auxiliary pioneer.

Then, the music video entitled “Joy of Conventions” is played showing some scenes from the 2014 International Convention.

It was announced that some of the videos played at the convention are now available for download. The final part was a visit to Madagascar, a country with some 30,000 publishers. You can see the efforts exerted by our brothers and sisters just to attend our meetings. They are sending their Christian love and greetings to all of us.

This is the summary of the December 2015 program of JW Broadcasting.

Sources: / JW Broadcasting / Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania


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