Monday, February 15, 2016

Download Take Your Time, Choose Wisely (Instrumental) in MP3

Take Your Time, Choose Wisely is a great song. It captures everyone’s heart and emotion. The song was released during the February 2016 program of JW Broadcasting. And since then, the MP3 format of that song has been downloaded so many times on this website. If you haven’t downloaded the song click here for the mp3 or click here for the lyrics.

We also created a page especially designed for the piano sheet or guitar chords for this song. We are hoping that in the near future, our brothers and sisters will cover the song and share the music sheets for all of us. But for the meantime, here’s a surprise for everyone! Below is a download link for the instrumental MP3 version of Take Your Time, Choose Wisely song. You can play it using your devices and you can sing-along to it. You can use it on JW gatherings and musical presentations. You can even make a music video using it. Hehe.

Update 6/9/2017: Due to a major problem, we temporarily disabled all download links. We are still fixing the issue and links will be back soon. Thank you for your patience.

  • Take Your Time, Choose Wisely (Instrumental) [Download]



  1. Hello! First off, thank you so much for all the efforts...

    Do we have the MP3 for the 'Why We Came to Bethel' video as shown in the January Broadcasting? The one where the kids sang the song in different languages?

    And also, I'm not sure if this is, at all, possible, but is there a way we can also get the lyrics in other languages (oh no, this is too much, though I'll try). I am particularly looking for the lyrics in Korean (as we are serving in the Korean field). Thanks! May Jehovah bless you all the more!


    1. yes, it's here!


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