Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Download Complete JW Broadcasting Original Songs Lyrics in PDF

JW Broadcasting has been a wonderful gift for us by the organization. We learn a lot of things regarding the brothers and sisters from all around the world (as we watch their very encouraging experiences.) Aside from that, we also encouraged by the talks and beautifully-prepared presentations specially designed to build our faith. And it also becomes a monthly customary to have an inspiring music video (original song) near the end of each broadcast, and many of us will admit that sometimes it’s the first thing we look at. 😉

Since March 2014, this website has been transcribing music video lyrics so everyone can easily learn or memorize JW Broadcasting – Original Songs. We know that most of you are copy-pasting these lyrics so you can print it. But sometimes, all you need is to have a copy on your tablets or any device. So today, we compiled all of these lyrics into one PDF file. And you can now download it here, of course for free! 😁

Download Complete JW Broadcasting Original Songs Lyrics in PDF
(PDF file last updated on June 1, 2020)

Now with "Table of Contents" page for easier navigation!

We are going to update the PDF file every month or as long as new songs are added. Rest assured that you'll always get the latest lyrics. 😄